The construction industry is no stranger to change. Many of today’s changes are associated with eco-friendly advances that are driving the field every forward toward greater sustainability. Kinley FLA, LLC makes a regular practice of informing our clients about industry advances related to sustainability and energy efficiency. We also offer a wide array of services and options that allow clients to plan for and complete eco-friendly settings that meet all their building or renovation needs. The following are just a few of the eco-friendly options available to Brevard County builders.


Improved Coatings

Construction contractors are excited about new and improved eco-friendly options in paint and coatings. With reduced VOC emissions, these coatings offer impressive benefits that are good for the environment and great for the construction in question. Some of these products are associated with greatly reduced production costs and initiatives. Others provide exceptional protection from corrosion–a great benefit for this region of coastal Florida.

Insulated Concrete Forms

Insulating concrete forms (ICFs) are increasingly popular building materials in Florida. Did you know that building with these forms saves a minimum of ten trees? Yet that’s not their only benefit to the environment. These forms are incredibly good for insulation and can reduce the building’s energy costs by as much as 70%. On the low side, they may save a minimum of 30% on energy costs; even that amounts to excellent cost savings and reduced energy needs on an annual basis. These forms are incredibly durable and can withstand the onslaught of our Atlantic hurricanes far more effectively than traditional building materials.

Plant-based Polyurethane Rigid Foam

Used to make everything from surfboards to furniture, plant-based polyurethane rigid foam is a remarkable eco-friendly insulating material. It’s also ideal for the Florida climate because it provides high heat and moisture resistance. It can guard effectively against pests and molds and also fosters a quiet acoustic environment that greatly reduces exterior noise. Many of Florida’s builders are loyal fans of this first-rate insulation material.

If you are considering a renovation, remodeling project, or brand new construction, you may wish to consider some eco-friendly materials that make for dynamic and reliable building solutions. We can help you select materials during the conceptual planning phase of your project and also, of course, help you complete all aspects of your construction. If you have questions about these or other eco-friendly advances in the construction field, be sure to contact our team of experts.