Hospitality Construction

In this beautiful region of coastal Florida, Brevard County sees a wide array of hotel and resort construction. Kinley FLA, LLC is thrilled to offer comprehensive services related to hospitality construction. We have more than three decades of experience and the required expertise to tackle any size construction. Our designers, engineers, and contractors are proud to showcase their outstanding workmanship on each and every project.

New Constructions and Renovations

While Kinley is able to build your hotel or resort from the ground up, we also offer comprehensive renovation services and can even provide historic renovation. Our level of service is regionally unsurpassed. Kinley is known for our reliable know-how, integrity, and fair pricing. Whether you are building a brand new hospitality facility or plan to remodel an existing building, we will collaborate with your to achieve a brilliant design that meets all your needs and specifications. Our crews are skilled at customizing each service to suit the project at hand. We work tirelessly until the construction reaches its pinnacle of success.

Efficient and Reliable

Kinley understands the need to keep to tight schedules. Our project managers and crews have worked on large-scale hospitality constructions in the past and understand how essential it is to stick to the schedule. We can present your team with a working schedule that allows us to safely complete your building project expediently while still allowing us the flexibility and time to achieve world-class workmanship.

Custom Care

One of the reasons Kinley has attracted a large clientele over the last three decades is because we over a superior level of customer care. We take care to understand our clients’ visions for their buildings and we never take their investment or faith in our ability for granted. We are enthusiastic about helping our clients realize their construction goals in accordance with their needs, budget, and design aesthetic. We are utterly flexible when it comes to building type or style. We simply work with you to achieve the design of your dreams.

If you are interested in renovating a hotel or looking to build one from scratch, we have the expert team to make that goal a reality along with a comprehensive menu of services and professional offerings. With such an important investment as your new construction, we hope you’ll take time to get to know our services and how we can customize them for

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