06-Edgewood252520002Without versatile concrete, coastal Florida would look quite different. As an uber-durable material, it’s amazing what immense flexibility this material offers to builders of bridges, homes, commercial spaces, and industrial parks. Kinley FLA, LLC is immensely fond of concrete and its vast potential. Our crews are adept at the use of ICFs (insulating concrete forms) and are continually excited to share our enthusiasm for these concrete units with new and prospective clients. Concrete is a superior building material and if you can work it into your plan, you’ll have some amazing benefits in store for you.

Built to Last

The onslaught of nature and time will wreak havoc with any number of building materials, but not so with concrete. Once this flexible material hardens, it’s immensely strong and durable. In fact, the strength of concrete is known to increase over time. How long can a concrete structure last? It’s difficult to give a precise estimate, but the Roman Colosseum is still standing and it was built back in 80 AD.

Crazy Flexible

Before concrete hardens, this mixture of water, cement, and aggregate is extraordinarily flexible. Due to its initial malleability, it can be used to build a seemingly endless array of structures that range from bridges to skyscrapers to car parks. Researchers at schools like the University of Michigan are exploring even greater potential for concrete forms like engineered cement composite. This material is ushering in an era of “bendable concrete” that will be able to bend without fracturing. Talk about incredible flexibility!


Concrete is greatly associated with green construction. Its unbeatable thermal mass translates into superior energy efficiency for buildings that make use of it. Many makers of concrete are also focused on using industry bi-products in its production and emphasizing recycling whenever possible. The use of ICFs also means that fewer trees are cut down for the purpose of new constructions.

Concrete is a construction staple that Kinley is pleased to feature in so many of our construction projects. What’s exciting are all the new advances coming down the pike that are related to this durable yet flexible building material. If you are in the planning stages of a new construction project, we invite you to contact our design team to find out if ICFs are ideal for you and how else you can feature cost-effective concrete in your conceptual design.