Church Construction

Kinley FLA has worked with church groups throughout the Southeast to design, build, or remodel churches that are ideal for their congregations and specific needs. With our ability to seamlessly integrate with our clients, we are expert collaborators when it comes to the design process and planning process. Our goal is always to create church settings that pair aesthetic considerations with reliable functionality that is sure to meet the needs of each group we work with.
Innovative and Traditional Designs

Each church and congregation deserves its own identity. To that end, our designers and engineers work to achieve a design that mirrors the group’s wants. We have built innovative church designs resulting in dynamic structures that are unlike any other. We have also created traditional churches that epitomize a design era that is revered by the congregation. Our desire is to design buildings that foster the spirit of worship and togetherness in the context that best suits each group.

Superior Planning

The designers and engineers at Kinley FLA are expert planners who leave no detail unnoticed. They streamline the collaborative process so that each phase is governed by efficiency and careful management. Kinley always opts for high-quality products, but within that realm, clients have a dazzling choice of material selections to truly customize both the interior and exterior of their structure. With our sequential step-by-step process, we can work with you to develop a plan that suits both your needs and budget.

Expert Building Services

From roof to foundation, our crews take extraordinary measures to deliver world-class performance on the job. We take care with every aspect of your church, knowing what a structure like this means to each generation of your congregation. We never leave a project unless we are 100% sure that it meets our high ideals as well as our client’s expectations. Each member of our team is integral to the building process and we hand-select our crews for their talent, experience, and strong work ethic.

Dynamic Places of Worship

Kinley FLA realizes that today’s churches aren’t merely active on Sundays. Many churches feature multi-type facilities that host children’s care centers, coffee shops, community rooms, soup kitchens, and so much more. We excel at creating dynamic buildings that emphasis the group’s core values and functions. We can work immense flexibility into the design so that the building can literally evolve with the needs of the church over time.

Contact us today to discuss the church of your dreams and we will do our utmost to make it happen.

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