TOR_0761.JPGOne of the most wonderful design aesthetics in recent years is the emphasis on natural light. Daylighting refers to the practice of controlling the admission of direct and diffuse sunlight into the interior structure for a space that is rich with natural lighting. There are terrific benefits associated with natural lighting and why it’s something clients in the planning stage of new constructions should consider.

The Upside of Natural Light

Our bodies are designed to crave natural light. While we’re all slathering on sunscreen, especially here in Florida, we can’t help but be intensely proud of our abundance of sunlight. Infusing more of it into our homes and new building constructions has some tremendously positive health effects. Greater exposure to natural light can literally combat depression. It can also enhance our eyesight by decreasing eye-strain associated with artificial lights.

Reduced Energy Bills

When you have to use fewer lights to brighten up your home or work space, you’re naturally going to cut down on energy expenses. Kinley favors designs that strategically pair natural light with complementing lighting fixtures. If you love the sunshine, a building with more windows and skylights is going to be more pleasing to you than one where you feel closed in and subjected night and day to banks of artificial lights.

Design Considerations

Many homebuilders and builders of commercial spaces are trying to create interior spaces that are in touch with the natural environment. Strategic placing and sizing of windows is immensely important when designing new constructions where natural lighting is emphasized. And frankly, an aesthetically pleasing design outfitted with a fantastic window scheme is going to enhance the structure’s value in the long run.

Of course, the types of windows you include in your structure are dependent on many variables. There are many types of technology nowadays when it comes to windows. We help clients plan for exterior shading and control devices, glazing materials, location placement, integration with electric lighting, and use of other lighting schemes for virtually any type of construction.

If you are planning to build a new home or commercial building, we can help you achieve a dynamic lighting scheme that includes the natural light you crave. Our design teams have decades’ of experience and are completely up-to-date on lighting designs and window technology. If you have questions about daylighting, be sure to contact us soon.