School and College Construction

Today’s educational facilities are dynamic in terms of style, structure, and the services that are offered. Kinley FLA, LLC features every service required to build schools, colleges, or any structures associated with university campuses, including gymnasiums, cafeterias, science laboratories, conference rooms, IT centers, computer labs, classrooms, early learning centers, and the list goes on and on. We specialize in energy-efficient constructions that feature sustainable solutions when possible. Moreover, we work closely with schools and their governing boards to achieve the world-class facilities they want to create.

Experience and Expertise: Our Hallmarks

When it comes to large-scale constructions, Kinley has thirty years of experience. We are equipped to tackle any type of construction. Schools and colleges are particularly exciting because of the ever-changing nature of school designs. We greatly enjoy the collaborative process where we can help our clients plan an inspiring educational facility and setting. From site development to the final millwork, we find building schools incredibly gratifying. We also offer renovation services where we can completely or partially remodel school interiors to achieve a new floor plan with updated features.

Comprehensive Service Offerings

From the plaster to the roof, Kinley FLA, LLC is able to perform all tasks associated with the planning and construction of colleges or schools. We have a team of highly experienced and certified contractors who are able to provide our associated services. We also have the equipment needed for any type of construction project.

Our Crews

When you contract with Kinley, you can count on our teams of designers, engineers, and contractors to dedicate their best work to the job. Over the years, we’ve built strong team of highly qualified general contractors and job-specific contractors who share our commitment to our clients. Our teams understand the value of excellent communication, integrity, and first-rate performance. Short of that, we just love to build things and we couldn’t enjoy our jobs more!

If your school board or governing body is considering a campus expansion or the construction of a new building, we hope you will allow us to bid on the project. We always appreciate the opportunity to meet with new clients to showcase all we can do for them. We offer competitive rates, upfront costs, reliable expertise, and exceptional communication. We invite you to visit our gallery of completed projects to discover all that we’re capable of when it comes to the field of construction.

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