Construction Management

Investing in a new building, whether industrial, commercial, municipal, or residential, requires an outstanding level of construction management. Kinley FLA provides superior planning, coordination, and project control from the design phase through the structure’s completion. With more than three decades of experience, Kinley FLA’s project managers have successfully navigated constructions in multiple sectors. Whatever type of construction project you have in mind, our construction managers and general contractors provide the reliable expertise you need to protect your investment and achieve the high-quality construction you need.

Maintaining Project Objectives

Our construction managers are highly trained and skilled contractors that have extensive field experience as well as the requisite licensure and certifications to tackle multi-type sectors. You can depend on them to handle every aspect of the construction project. Scheduling, maintain the budget, overseeing crews, and quality inspection are just a few of the responsibilities they take on with exceptional care. With their knowledge and high-level management skills, Kinley FLA’s project managers bring a level of sophistication to every project in their domain.

Managing Materials and Equipment

Our construction managers are thoroughly experienced when it comes to handling large construction sites. We trust them to manage all the associated resources of the project including work crews, tools and equipment, and materials. Construction projects can be quite large, but Kinley FLA outfits each project with the resources our managers need to effectively fulfill their vital role each day on the job.

Rich Communication Skills

We understand how frustrating it can when there are communication lapses between clients and contractors. For this reason, we emphatically insist upon an extraordinary level of communication skills from our managers. It’s vital that they communicate effectively with clients, crews, and vendors to ensure that those communication lapses never happen under our helm. We prize our excellent working relationships and our project managers are a cornerstone of this segment of our business. Clients routinely find out managers to be personable, caring, and utterly accessible. You’ll never feel out of step or out of the loop when you contract with Kinley FLA.

From residential constructions to multi-site industrial constructions, our project managers will surpass your expectations with their attention to detail, experience, and unabashed expertise. They are adept when it comes to delineating the scope of a project, instating project controls, and coordinating all work so that it can be completed on time and in accordance with its budget. If you have questions about our construction management team, please contact us

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