About Us

Edgewood 77With more than three decades of experience, Kinley FLA, LLC is a family-owned and -operated full-service construction firm based in Brevard County. We specialize in commercial, industrial, educational, and residential construction and development. From project management to design, we feature a comprehensive menu of offerings that take your project from concept to completion. Our select network of architects, engineers, and skilled contractors allows us to tackle any size project with our signature expertise and commitment to best industry practices.

Extraordinary Value for Your Investment

Kinley FLA insists upon offering our clients the best value for their investment. We never cut corners; we simply offer competitive but fair rates to our customers for our premier services. Whether you are building a school, an apartment complex, or a new home, you are making a wise investment when you choose an experienced firm like Kinley FLA to work for you. Our crews our handpicked for their talent, work ethic, and ability to deliver the high quality we assist upon at a fair price.

Forward-Minded Design, Old-Fashioned Values

Kinley FLA prides itself on its adaptability to change. We embrace each industry advance in order to provide our clients with the most forward-minded design and construction offerings in the region. To complement our extensive services, we also insist on old-fashioned business values like dedication to superior workmanship, commitment to timely service, upfront pricing, and outstanding customer service. While offering the most sophisticated design and construction services, we remain utterly accessible, approachable, and amenable to our clients’ needs and concerns.

Inspired by Family

As a family-owned and -managed business, Kinley FLA understands how forging new bonds strengthens our enterprise and all of our endeavors. We could say that aside from our buildings and maintenance projects we also build a network of clients, but the truth of it has a more personable ring–we welcome each new client into our business family to deliver a level of customer care that exceeds the typical contractor-client relationship. We make your concerns our concerns and we work with you to achieve your project dream. What matters to you matters to us, and we bring this ethic to each job every day.

If you have plans to build in or around Brevard County, we invite you to contact us to explore how we can make your plan a reality. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into the Kinley FLA family of satisfied customers.

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