RoofsWhile it may seem ho-hum to some people and a mundane necessity to others, the roof is the veritable hat on your new construction. It’s the quintessential icing on the cake that we find incredibly inspiring. If you’re in the planning phase of your new construction, take time to be inspired by some of the most incredible roofs worldwide. From tile and asphalt to slate and metal, a few well-chosen materials have led to truly inspiring designs.

Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia

Maybe you don’t have dreams to build an opera house on Brevard County’s coast, but you might find some incredible inspiration for roof design by considering the Sydney Opera House. This structure, one of the most famous in the world, features a roof made from precast concrete panels. At Kinley, we can’t say enough about the virtues of concrete. If you’re after a unique roof for your construction, visit our firm and talk to our imaginative designers.

La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

The most famous of the celebrated architect Antoni Gaudi’s works, the unfinished La Sagrada Familia may be a tad on the ornate side, but it’s myriad of spires and Art-Nouveau-inspired rooftop is amazingly original. Of course, this building is a definite work in progress that was started in 1892 (clearly, this project needed Kinley’s time management regimens), but it shows another type of direction that you can take your roof.

Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai, India

With its rooftop bar, Aer Lounge, the Four Seasons Hotel offers another use for the roof. Kinley has worked with many hospitality groups in our three decades and we’re always excited when the prospect of a unique rooftop space hits the design table. Shingles will do nicely for keeping the rain off your building, but when you want to showcase your incredible views, an experiential rooftop setting is just the thing.

Lingotto Building, Turin, Italy

We haven’t attempted to top one of our constructions with a racetrack yet, but we’re open to the prospect! The Lingotto Building features one of the most famous roofs in the world–it’s a racetrack that was installed there in 1921 by the manufacture of Fiat. It’s a little racy for our taste, but it definitely shows you that the sky’s the limit when it comes to roofing your construction.

We can’t help but have a little fun when thinking about roofs, but we’re perfectly amenable to outfitting any construction with more sane and rational roofing materials too. From green solutions to traditional materials, we are experts when it comes to roofing any type of construction.